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Pest Identification

Can't Identify the Problem? Whether its bed bugs (bedbugs), rats, mice, roaches, ants, termites, or another pest, Magic Exterminating can help you determine any pest infestation problems.

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Termite Inspections for Real Estate Transactions

Wood Destroying Insect Report

A termite inspection, also known as a wood destroying insect report (WDI), often takes place during a real estate transaction to ensure a solid structure/foundation, and may even be required to secure a mortgage for a property. The standard wood destroying insect report uses Form NPMA-33 from the National Pest Management Association. Magic Pest Management provide expert termite inspections using this report to Manhattan, Queens, Brooklyn, the Bronx, and Nassau County in Long Island.

Getting Started

To get started, simply give Magic Exterminating a call, or fill out our quote request form and ask for a Termite Inspection. We'll typically ask a series of questions to determine the appropriate information required to complete the report, and schedule a time for one of our experts to inspect the property.

Form NPMA-33

Form NPMA-33 is a comprehensive termite inspection report, requiring a trained pest control professional to complete. It covers the inspection of accessible areas with visual evidence of wood destroying insects - including termites, carpenter ants, carpenter bees, and wood boring beetles.

The Form also states that the report is only considered valid for ninety days from the date of inspection (for purposes of obtaining a mortgage or sale of home).

The Inspection

Magic's trained pest control professionals perform an extensive visual inspection of the property, in accordance with Form NPMA-33. We look for damage to the structure that may have been done by termites, wood boring beetles, and carpenter ants. Generally, the inspection starts in the basement looking for signs of termite damage, and, provided there is access to the attic, additional signs of damage from carpenter ants / beetles.


If an active infestation of termites or other wood destroying insects are discovered, Magic Pest Management recommends a variety of treatments, generally including a one-year service agreement to eliminate and control future pest infestations. For termites, we recommend a termite baiting system known as Sentricon Always Active, while additional treatment packages for carpenter ants / wood boring beetles can be found under our residential service plans.