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Wood Boring Beetles Exterminator, New York City and Long Island

Wood Boring Beetles

Since the 1960's, Magic Exterminating has provided pest control services for Wood Boring Beetles. There are several different Wood Boring Beetle species that are considered pests, and are a serious threat to structures and furniture. Eliminating the Wood Boring Beetle should be performed by a trained professional. Magic knows where to look for them and quickly exterminate them.

Types of Wood Boring Beetles found in New York City, Brooklyn, Queens, the Bronx, Staten Island, and Nassau County Long Island:

  • Powererpost Beetles - There are three closely related families of Wood Boring Beetles. These beetles infest seasoned wood by laying their eggs inside cracks and crevices. Once the eggs hatch, it is their larvae that cause the millions of dollars in damage by reducing the wood to a very fine, powderlike material. The adult do very little damage. Their destructiveness is second only to termites. They infest and reinfest dry seasoned wood, mostly staying inside the interior or the sapwood. A noticeable sign of an infestation are the tiny holes or galleries packed with wood dust or frass. They can be found in flooring, subflooring, studs, girders, floor joist, roof rafters, and other wooden part within a structure. In many cases, they may be found in furniture. It may take 3 months to several years to see the evidence in the wood.
    • Lyctidae - True Powderpost Beetles - the adult beetle will lay their egg in the surface pores of wood. They newly hatched larvae bore into the wood. They have well deveopled mandible to chew into wood. When they are ready to pupate, they bore near the surface of the wood. Adult bore out through the surface pushing fine powder out of the wood.
    • Bostrichidae - False Powderpost Beetles- bostrichid are of less economic importance than Lyctidae. Most species do not re-infest seasoned wood. They make up the damage by the speed which they consume the wood. They adult bores into the wood to lay their eggs. These tend to be large beetles. The exist holes are usually large then 1/8 inch in size. They do not digest cellulose but only feed on the starch found in wood. Most commonly found in hardwoods. One type commonly found in the US is the Bamboo Powerpost Beetle.
    • Anobiidae - Furniture and Deathwatch Beetles - A common beetle of economic importance is the Furniture Beetle. Found mostly in the eastern half of the United States, although it has this name it can and will infest structural timbers. The Dealthwatch Beetle derives its name from the audible sound it make it the quiet of the night. This sound is its mating call.
  • Longhorned Beetles or Roundhead Borers - Also know as Cerambycids, These beetle feed on living trees, recently fallen trees and logs, and seasoned lumber. The Old House Borer gaugaes into seasoned lumber within structures at an angle.
  • Wharf Borers - It can bee a serious pest in pilings and wharves, where the larvae excavate extensive galleris, weakening the timbers and providing excellent sites for invasion by rot organisms. They may be found in poorly drained buildings and emerge in large numbers, creating a nuisance in their attempt to leave a structure. This swarming usually occurs in the early summer months.
  • Flat-Headed, or Metallic, Wood Borers - these beetle are rarely seen in structure and do not re-infest structural timbers.

Magic Exterminating's Wood Boring Beetle Treatment Approach:

  • In most cases, we can only provide advice. If the structure timbers such as flooring, studs, and decorative wood is infested, we can only recommend to have it replaced.
  • In basements, if the floor joist, subflooring, and main beam are not painted, then we can recommend treating them with a borate, such as Bora-Care. This material will penitrate into the wood over time. The only problem is clients may not want to wait several years to see the results. So again it may be necessary to replace the infested timber.
  • Furniture on the other hand may be brought to our Magic Fumigation Chamber and treated there. This will kill all stages of the beetle in one shot.

Magic Exterminating services residential, commercial, industrial, food processing, and food establishment locations throughout the Bronx, Brooklyn, Manhattan, Queens, and Western Nassau County areas. Magic has the experienced personnel to solve a Wood Boring Beetle infestation in your home, work place, etc. Contact Magic Exterminating for a free onsite estimate.