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Thermal Imaging Exterminator, New York City

Thermal Imaging

Heat Anomalies in Structures

Thermal Imaging is a valuable tool for carrying out assessment of building fabric insulation. Rapid and non-invasive surveys enable re-insulation works to be planned cost-effectively. Following insulation installation, thermal imaging is much in demand to QA check the standard of work carried out.

Continuation of insulation surveys can be carried through thermographic inspection using an infrared camera to identify and measure thermal energy emitted from a building. Buildings with continuity of insulation can be heated more efficiently to conserve energy and save money. Therefore lower carbon dioxide emissions can be achieved while providing a more comfortable and cost-effective working/living environment for occupants.

Thermography can also be used to identify possible air infiltration paths and areas of poor insulation that need to be addressed before or after air tightness testing.  

Drafty and poorly insulated buildings are difficult and expensive to heat.

Magic assists you to identify:
· Areas of damaged, missing or damp insulation
· Heat loss problems
· Cold / warm air infiltration
· Underground heating pipes and steam lines

· Improve energy efficiency
· Reduce heating costs
· Identify problems in lines buried out of sight


As the cost of energy continues to increase year after year, it pays to become energy conscience. It's hard to imagine but, on average all across America typical residential dwellings have enough air leaks in them that if you could bring them all together into one location within the home, they would create an opening to the great outdoors that measures 3 feet by 3 feet or 9 square feet. It's true! Life's too short and there are better things to spend your hard earned dollar on.

Magic Thermal Imaging conducts thermal surveys and inspections within the home to identify for our clientele all the places where the warm heated air your paying for is actually escaping and where the cool winter air is infiltrating your home, keeping it less then comfortable for you and your family. In most cases, the necessary materials needed to make minor repairs for problems we have identified can be purchased inexpensively at your local home improvement center. Best of all, in most situations, the repairs can be made by the homeowner allowing for additional cost savings.

Builders and Contractors
Thermal Imaging isn’t just for homeowners.
Builders and Contractors have recognized the value of Infrared technology, and use it to ensure themselves and their customers, that the insulation envelope of the newly constructed home is in fact complete and intact.

Let’s face it, in this competitive, residential, housing market today, you need all the leverage you can get and.....
“Seeing is Believing”