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Termites and Winged Ants Exterminator, New York City

Termites and Winged Ants

How do I tell termites from ants?

It is often difficult to determine the difference between termites and ants. Termites have two pair of wings (front and back) and are of almost equal length. Ants also have two pair of wings but the fore wings are much larger than the hind wings.

Also, termites have relatively straight antennae while ants have elbowed antennae.

 · Ants generally do not swarm at the same time as termites, but it can happen. 
 · Termites have a thick waist and ants have a narrow waist 
 · Termites have straight antennae and ants have elbowed antennae 
 · Termites have four wings that are all equal in length 
 · Ants have four wings, however, two are larger and two are smaller