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Pest Identification

Can't Identify the Problem? Whether its bed bugs (bedbugs), rats, mice, roaches, ants, termites, or another pest, Magic Exterminating can help you determine any pest infestation problems.

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Pest Proofing: Sealing Pests out of Homes and Business

Pest Proofing

The importance of achieving and maintaining high standards of exclusion cannot be over emphasized. Many pests are opportunists and will seek out and exploit unguarded entry points in their search for food, warmth, and shelter. Effective exclusion is the first line of defense against pests; it is an essential part of Magic Exterminating's Pest Control Program. "It is much better to keep them out, than let them in ". This is a very simple statement, but it encapsulates the essence of exclusion.

In New York City, exclusion against pests is ongoing and should not be thought of as a "once only" exercise. In all premises physical changes occur, these may be due to extensions, new roofs, installation of new plant and machinery, internal alterations with additional cable and trunking runs, etc. For example, a plumber will frequently knock a 4" hole in a wall to put a 2" pipe through; the resulting gap is never filled and a permanent entry/transfer point has been made.

Open doors and windows offer unrestricted access to flying insects, birds, rodents, as well as contaminants such as airborne seeds, bird's feathers and large and small airborne particles. Professionally made and fitted fly screen doors will provide a high degree of protection to food processors as well as storage facilities.

Ventilation in commercial premises is also frequently via a ducted air distribution system or through roof mounted cowls and remotely opened panel vents. Air intake points to ventilation systems should be carefully screened with mesh of a size to prevent flying insect entry. Roof mounted air outlets are rarely proofed and should be examined to ensure that they will exclude birds and insects when in the open position.

The exterior of the "building fabric" needs to be inspected (at all levels) on a regular basis so that effective measures can promptly be taken. A single 1" hole in brickwork will readily admit sparrows, which can then establish there nesting sites within buildings. Mice are extremely proficient climbers and will readily scale brick walls to find entry points.

At ground level, not only should the physical structure of buildings be closely examined but also great attention should be paid to doors. Remember that any door under which you could slide a pen (between door base and door threshold) has a gap sufficiently large to admit a fully-grown mouse or a young rat. All exterior door bases should be examined and those with large gaps enough to admit rodents should be fitted with door sweeps.

This is equally effective on wooden, metal, sliding and roller doors. Doors should be fitted with self-closing devices, which should be checked frequently to ensure that the full closing function is not impeded. Large "goods-in" doors should be protected with plastic strip curtain doors, which are effective at reducing the chances of flying insect and bird entry. However these doors need to be carefully specified and installed, allowing for type and weight most suitable for the premises concerned. Rapid-rise roller doors are useful in minimizing the amount of time that the door is open; however, the practice of isolation the control mechanism to leave the door in the upright (open) position is to be strongly discouraged.

Effective pest control is a "joint responsibility" between our clients and Magic - there has to be a commitment to constantly work towards the "ideal" of establishing, and maintaining pest free premises, and we make that commitment to all our clients. For more information on Magic's Pest Proofing services for NYC, Queens, Brooklyn, the Bronx, Staten Island, and Nassau County, Long Island, please contact us for a free onsite estimate.