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Facts About Termite Swarms Exterminator, New York City and Long Island

Facts About Termite Swarms

· A "swarm" is a dispersal flight of winged termites to start new colonies.

 · Subterranean termites typically swarm in the spring on warm, calm, sunny days following rain.

· Subterranean termite swarms usually occur between mid-morning and mid-afternoon and may last several hours.
· Termites swarming indoors will attempt to get outside by flying toward light around windows and doors or even toward lights that are on in the room.
· Swarmers shed their wings after flight, as they will never fly again.

· After shedding their wings, the termites mate, and then seek out sites to begin new colonies.
· Wood in contact with moist soil is a suitable colony site for subterranean termites.
· Interior swarms of subterranean termites will not reinfest the structure or its contents.

· A recent termite treatment may not prevent swarming, as the swarmers may have already moved above the treatment zone in the soil when the application was performed.

Winged Ant Swarming Facts

· Like termite colonies, mature ant colonies produce winged reproductive called swarmers that fly out to start new colonies.
· Most ant species swarm in mid- to late spring or summer.
· An ant colony will typically be at least two to three years old before it produces swarmers.
· Pavement ants produce small swarms that may emerge daily or every few days over a period of several weeks.