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Pest Identification

Can't Identify the Problem? Whether its bed bugs (bedbugs), rats, mice, roaches, ants, termites, or another pest, Magic Exterminating can help you determine any pest infestation problems.

Identify Your Pest

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Damage Repair Exterminator, New York City

Damage Repair

Many animals and insects may find a home within yours, and in doing so may cause damage to the structure and walls. Birds, squrrels, and raccoons are some of the animals that may nest in your home.

Infestations from wood destroying organisms and pests can result in damage to structural supports, insulation, wall coverings, floors, etc.. Wild animals nesting in attics or other areas often leave droppings which need to be removed and the area sanitized. These animals and their droppings often pose a health hazard to humans.

Repair and cleanup work for most nuisance wildlife and other pest infestations can be taken care of after a consultation with a Magic. Wood destroying insects such as carpenter ants and termites can cause damage to structural elements in your home and business.