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Crickets Exterminator, New York City and Long Island


Magic Exterminating has provided services for cricket control since its inception in the 1960s.There are several different cricket insect species that are considered pests. Some of the most common in our area are the camel, field, and house cricket. Crickets are not a serious threat to public health; however, crickets do damage and stain items in the home. Sometimes, they annoy us with their chirping or scare us when they hop near us. Eliminating the cricket infestation is best handled by a trained professional. Magic knows where to look for their nest and quickly eliminate them.

Types of crickets found in NYC, Brooklyn, Queens, the Bronx, Staten Island, and Nassau County, Long Island:

  • Camel or Humpbacked Crickets - are light or dark brown in color and the young nymphs look like the adults, and do not make any noise. Camel crickets are omnivorous feeding on such food items such as fruits, nectar, seeds, decaying organic materials, etc. They will also feed on dead or weakened insects, including other crickets. Known to damage or dirty fabrics, large numbers may also cause damage to rugs and future in homes. Often found in dark moist areas such as the garage or boil room, moisture control is a key to reducing or eliminating the infestation.
  • House Cricket - are dark in color, have wings and are capable of flight. They use their powerful hind legs to propel themselves and are attracted to light sources. The males chirp and annoy us if they make their way indoors. The house cricket is most active at night, disrupting our sleep. Also omnivorous like the camel cricket, yet they don't invade homes in as large a number. Their lifespan last from one week to three months.
  • Filed Cricket - are light in color, have wings and are capable of flight. They also use their powerful legs to propel themselves and are attracted to light. Just like the house crickets, the males chirp. Like the other crickets on our list they are omnivorous.

Control of a cricket infestation is to first find where they hang out. Glue traps help quite a bit - once you get one cricket on the trap other seem to follow. Before you know it 10-100 crickets will be found on the glue trap. Placement is key. Crickets love dark moist places, but are attracted to light. Boiler rooms and garage are the common areas to find them. Other helpful hints are as follows:

  • Sanitation. Make sure to keep trash cans with tight-fitting lids, bagging and throwing away filled bags immediately. Clean any surfaces where spills occurred.
  • Moisture and darkness. Inspect these areas on a regular basis or give access to your pest profession to inspect these areas for you.
  • Outdoor lights. They should be placed or installed away from the structure but aiming at the structure. This way crickets and other insects attracted to light will move away from the home.
  • Leaks. Since these insects are attracted to moisture, repairing leaks quickly helps prevent an infestation. Use of a dehumidifiers is one tool that will help reduce an infestation.
  • Seal off openings. Seal off all crack and crevices around doors and windows, especially basement window wells. Screens on windows should be in place.

Magic Exterminating's Cricket Treatment Approach:

After Magic's inspectors confirm the presence of crickets, the technician may use the following techniques:

  • Finding the where they hang out - crickets don't nest, but they do congregate or hang out with each other. They are times that these locations are disturbed and several will hop out at once in all direction scaring an individual. Once found direct surface treatment with a liquid application or aerosol is needed. If a vacuum is available, this is one method to avoid use a pesticide. The problem is once you turn on the vacuum, the noise will startle them and they will hop away.
  • Baits - in granular form may be used outdoors along the perimeter of the structure prior to crickets entering a structure to help reduce the overall numbers. Indoor in voids and behind walls where these insect congregate is another helpful application. Care is taken not to give an appearance of make a mess. Sometimes a few grains are placed on a glue trap to attract the on the trap.
  • Dust Application - When a dust application is used, it should be used in void or areas where a human cannot reach such as inside cinder block walls. Dust will give you a long residual and help reduce moisture.
  • Aerosol - can be used for quick knockdown.
  • Liquid or spraying - This method is very common and provides great results.

Magic Exterminating services residential, commercial, industrial, food processing, and food establishment locations throughout the Bronx, Brooklyn, Manhattan, Queens, and Western Nassau County areas. Magic has the experienced personnel to solve a cricket infestation in your home, work place, etc. Contact Magic Exterminating for a free onsite estimate.