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Cockroaches Exterminator, New York City and Long Island


Magic Exterminating has provided services for cockroaches since its inception in the 1960s. The four most common roaches are; the German, American, Oriental, and the Brown-Banded Cockroaches. Each presents their own problems and lives in their own environment. Besides mechanically carrying infections such as Salmonella, their feces contaminate furniture, fabrics, and other household items. Cockroaches also contaminate stored food product we eat. They are just gross! Their reproductive cycle is very quick. One female roach carries an egg capsule that contains as many as 40 eggs. Cockroaches can reach adulthood in just a little over a month, which mean that in as little as three to four months you can have over 800 cockroaches. Quick action is needed to prevent any escalation in their population. Magic knows where to look for their hiding places and quickly eliminate them.

Types of Cockroaches found in NYC, Brooklyn, Queens, the Bronx, Staten Island, and Nassau County Long Island:

  • German Cockroach - These cockroaches are the most common household insect in the United States, typically infesting kitchens and bathrooms. They are nocturnal and tend to remain in dark, secluded areas (cabinets / cupboards / appliances).
  • American Cockroach - Not commonly found in homes, but can be abundant in sewers and commercial facilities (restaurants, grocery stores, hospitals, offices, etc.). They prefer to inhabit warm, damp locations like steam tunnels and boiler rooms. Adept at flying, and can migrate from building to building. Not likely to fly in the NYC area.
  • Oriental Cockroach - Not commonly found in homes, but like the American Cockroach, typically reside in sewers and commercial facilities (often found trapped in bathtubs and sinks). These are very dark in color and the wings are short. Cannot fly.
  • Brown-Banded Cockroach - Not as common as German Cockroaches, as they typically prefer warmer and drier environments. They are typically found throughout structures, hiding off the flour behind molding, pictures, tapestries, and inside appliances.

All of these roaches are cosmopolitan in North America. The German Cockroach is commonly found in kitchens and bathrooms, while the Brown-Banded will be found in dryer areas such as the living room. The American and Oriental are usually found in dark moist places such as basement boiler rooms. All of these cockroaches will be found periodically in office environments. Since human structures are artificial environments, roaches breed year around.

Magic Exterminating's Cockroach Treatment Approach:

After Magic's inspectors confirm the presence of cockroaches, the technician may use the following techniques:

  • Baiting Program - Used in most situations to start, Magic's baiting applicator approach applies bait in cracks/crevices around kitchen cabinets, sinks, and draws, as well as under kitchen appliances, where accessible. In addition, as needed, the bait can be similarly applied in bathrooms and other rooms showing sign of infestation. Magic uses an IGR (insect growth regulator) in conjunction with any baiting program. The IGR in many cases causes the roaches to be hungry and increase the feeding on the baits.
  • Compressed Air Sprayers - A good option for crack/crevice spot treatments or as a flushing agent. Allows to applied a product to large areas, both indoor and outdoors.
  • Dust Application - If dust application is required, dust should be used in such a way that it is never exposed to humans or their companion animals. Dust should always be use only as crack and crevice. Dust will give you a long residual.
  • In cases where drilling is required to eliminate the cockroach infestation, Magic fills in the openings made during the exterminating process.

Magic Exterminating services residential, commercial, industrial, food processing, and food establishment locations throughout the Bronx, Brooklyn, Manhattan, Queens, and Western Nassau County areas. Cockroaches have been making a comeback in the last several years due to the fact it has learned how to avoid the baits (bait aversion). Magic has the experienced personnel to solve a cockroach infestation in your home, work place, etc. Contact Magic Exterminating for a free onsite estimate.