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Ants Exterminator, New York City and Long Island


Magic Exterminating has provided services for Ants since its inception in the 1960s. There are many different ant species that are considered pests. Some of the most common are the Pavement ant, Odorous house ant, Little Black ant, Carpenter Ant, and Acrobat ant. Each presents their own problems and at least one type, the carpenter ant, can be destructive. Ants are not known to carry diseases, but can contaminate food in pantries and food establishments. Just one drop of a food particle in the kitchen and it seems that in minutes hundreds of ants appear. They can get on the counter tops, in kitchen cabinets, pantries, bathrooms, etc. Magic knows where to look for their hiding places and quickly eliminate them.

Types of ants found in NYC, Brooklyn, Queens, the Bronx, Staten Island, and Nassau County, Long Island:

  • Carpenter Ants - A typical colony may contain as many as 3,000 ants with one queen per colony. These ants may split up the colony in to satellite nests that consists of adult workers, larvae, and pupae; together with the main colony, the total population may exceed 15,000 members. Nests are usually found in moist, decayed wood and voids and may later expand into sound wood. In homes the nest, or satellite nest, may be found around a leaky window, door frame, or roof. Carpenter ant leave a tell-tale sign of their presence in that saw-dust, known as frass, piles that contain dead insects and insect parts by their nest site. Carpenter ants are mostly nocturnal, but some will be noticed during the day time.
  • Odorous House Ants - These ants can and are often found in very large colonies with multiple queens. These Super Colonies can reach over 100,000 ants and cover a territory over several homes or street blocks. They tend to nest inside our homes in wall voids, especially around warm area such as hot-water pipes and heaters. They invade homes as their colony grows and food source outside become scarce.
  • Pavement Ants - One of most common ant pests, which may number between 3,000-4,000 ant in one colony with multiple queens. They are commonly found outdoor forming small dirt mounds. Sometimes they enter our structures nest in wall voids near heat sources, just like Odorous House ants. Pavement ants can be confused with Odorous House ants and other ants of the same size. Pavement ants are opportunistic feeders that will "swarm" on foods that appear within their foraging range. They are easily controlled with baits.
  • Acrobat Ants - Not as common as other ants, but will trail along tree limbs, utility lines, and fence rails to reach and enter structures. Acrobat ants are more aggressive than other ants and when disturbed will lift their abdomen over their heads.
  • Pharaoh Ants - Not as common, but can be far more difficult to control if not identified correctly. If a liquid repellent is initially used, these ants will split up or bud into multiple nest in multiple area, becoming more difficult to control. Baits are the best control method.
  • Other ants - Ghost Ants, White-Footed Ants, Big-Headed Ants, Little Black Ants, and Thief Ants along with other lesser known ants have been found in and around New York City.

Magic Exterminating's Ant Treatment Approach:

  • Baiting Program - Used in most situations to start, Magic's baiting applicator approach applies bait in cracks/crevices around kitchen cabinets, sinks, and draws, as well as under kitchen appliances, where accessible. In addition, as needed, the bait can be similarly applied in bathrooms and other rooms showing sign of infestation. Granular baits may be used along the outside perimeter to help reduce the colony size before it becomes a problem indoors. Magic Exterminating will also try to help you identify structural deficiencies before ant enter into you home. Some of these deficiencies may include cracks and crevices around windows and doors. Magic sometimes identifies signs of leaks or water sources which will need to be corrected before ants find them.
  • Compressed Air Sprayers - A good option for crack/crevice, spot treatments, perimeter applications, or as a flushing agent.
  • Actisol Machine - is a very good piece of equipment used to flush out nest from inside wall voids.
  • Dust Application - If dust application is required, dust should be used in such a way that it is never exposed to humans or their companion animals. Dust should always be use only as crack and crevice in wall voids, around doors and windows. Dust will give you a long residual.
  • Ladders - Magic have the personnel to reach those hard to reach areas such as soffits and fascia board or second story windows.
  • In cases where drilling is required to eliminate the ant colony, Magic fills in the openings made during the exterminating process.

Common Ant Questions and Answers

I have ants all over my kitchen, how do I get rid of them?

Ants make their way into you home through very small crack and crevices around windows, pipes, siding, bricks, etc. Most of them live outside in the ground, trees, under rocks, and other voids. They come into you home to find food. Once they find some, they let other members of the colony know where the food source is and then start a "Bucket Brigade" until the food source is gone. Early in spring, their natural food sources are not easily found outside. So, making use of gels, and other forms of bait material works really well in getting rid of them. Placement is the key. The ants bring it back to their nest and distribute the material to other family member, resulting in the colony collapse.

How long does eliminating ant colonies take?

Ants are our most difficult pest to get rid of. Their colonies may be very large, numbering in the thousands. Once the bait is place down, you may see a lot more ants at first as they recruit other ants to the bait. Within the next several days you will notice fewer and fewer ants, until there are no more ants. If after 10 days you still see ants, call us back to re-evaluate the situation. There is no additional cost you. To prevent this from happening, additional applications must be made along the outside perimeter of the structure.

How do I prevent ants from coming back?

You must understand the no pest control program however well designed and maintained will produce lasting results without the sanitation and structural integrity of the building being maintained at the highest possible level. Meticulous sanitation and building maintenance are first and most important tools in pest control. If pest find an entrance to the building and/or readily available food and harborage, the application of materials can be of only limited value. During the service visit, the service technician will notify you of conditions at the site which adversely affect the success of the pest control program and make specific recommendations for their correction.

Magic Exterminating services residential, commercial, industrial, food processing, and food establishment locations throughout the Bronx, Brooklyn, Manhattan, Queens, and Western Nassau County areas. Magic has the experienced personnel to solve an ant infestation in your home, work place, etc. Contact Magic Exterminating for a free onsite estimate.