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Furniture Carpet Beetle Exterminator

Furniture Carpet Beetle

Furniture Carpet Beetle

 Adult furniture carpet beetles are 1/16- to 1/8-inch long, oval in shape, and covered with spots of yellow, white, and black scales.  The underside of the body is white.

The larvae are about 3/16-inch long, rather stubby looking, and clothed with bands of stiff, erect brown hairs.  The body is wide in the middle but tapers at both ends.  Three thick tufts of hairs arise from either side of the body near the rear end.
 Adult females lay about 30-100 eggs in areas where the larvae are able to feed.  The eggs hatch in nine to 19 days, and the larvae develop from 70 to 94 days before pupating in their last larval skin.  The adults emerge from the pupal skin in 9 to 19 days and may live for another 60 days.  Development from egg to adult is 90 days to two years.

This insect is found worldwide.  It gets its name from its habit of feeding on the hair padding, feathers, or woolen upholstery of furniture.  It also feeds on wool, hair, fur, feathers, bristles, horn, tortoise shell, silk, insects, dried carcasses, dried cheese, dried blood, glue and book bindings.  It damages linen, cotton, jute, softwood, and leather when these items are soiled.  Outdoors, the adults feed on plant pollen.