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'Rat Busters NYC' uncovers dark world of pest control through eyes of veteran exterminators

Jimmy Tallman and Michael Morales of Magic Pest Management in Flushing make a living dealing with the nasty problems that other New Yorkers can't handle.

Cockroaches, bedbugs, birds, mice, raccoons and rats the size of small children — these two exterminators will root out the most disgusting urban pests.

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'Rat Busters NYC,' and ' Karaoke Battle USA' on tap tonight

As I have mentioned on more than one occasion, rats scare me. So why, I ask, am I drawn to “Rat Busters NYC,” an Animal Planet series which airs tonight at 10 on (cable Channel 39). This is a perfect example of being horrified by something, and yet you are unable to turn away. Whatever the cast, tonight’s show features segments on rats in a Brooklyn backyard, and raccoons in a Queens neighborhood. If I had rats in my backyard, I certainly wouldn’t be publicizing it.

'Rat Busters NYC': Not For The Musophobic New Yorker In Your Life

Here is what I would tell you about Animal Planet's new series, Rat Busters NYC: It is almost exactly 50 percent genuinely interesting occupational documentary and 50 percent "Hey, whoa, get a load of that rat."

Rat Busters NYC' to Premiere Friday on the Animal Planet

Six hour-long episodes of "Rat Busters NYC" follow service managers Jimmy and Michael, a comedic dynamic duo with a brother-like kinship, as they tackle rat ...

Magic Exterminating's TV series Rat Busters NYC receives Critics Choice

(Newspaper clipping from the Daily News)

'Rat Busters NYC' crawls onto Animal Planet

New York City is quite familiar with the brown rat, home to an estimated 32 million of them (or four per person). Thanks to warmer winters, more easily accessible discarded food, and an infrastructure ripe for infestation, the city has witnessed an explosion in population growth in recent years. Enter Jimmy Tallman and Michael Morales, service managers at Magic Exterminating, and the stars of Animal Planet's new series, "Rat Busters NYC."

Animal Planet is wild about People

Two outspoken city exterminators are part of a continuing makeover at Animal Planet. The cable network is moving away from just animals to being more about people dealing with animals. A new show, "Rat Busters," starring Jimmy Tallman and Michael Morales of Magic Pest Control, is one of several new series that network officials will announce today before potential advertisers in Manhattan.

'Russian Dolls': Wives, rats star on new NYC reality TV

Animal Planet’s “Rat Busters,” which premieres Aug. 26, follows Jimmy Tallman and Michael Morales as they hunt down vermin throughout the city.

LI Exterminator's 15 minutes

A new reality TV show scheduled to start next month on the Animal Planet channel will track the rodent-control activities of an extermination company that serves Nassau County and Queens, an online trade publication says... (Newsday Clipping)

Animal Planet Looks To Entertain With 'Rat Busters NYC' Series

With its upcoming series, Animal Planet hopes that viewers won't stay away as the mice and rats are at play. Hosted by what Animal Planet describes as "entertainments most entertaining exterminators" Timmy Tallman and Michael Morales, Rat Busters NYC follows the duo on their pest-ridding excursions throughout the metropolitan area.

Rat Busters NYC

It seems a little odd that a network like Animal Planet would air a show which focuses on exterminators, but maybe the exterminators here only act humanely when they encounter NYC rats. We can't lie, we're not exactly going to suggest to you that we believe NYC rats ought to be treated humanely.

(Photo Credit: Animal Planet)

Rat Busters NYC Is Real, Hits The Tube Next Month

Mayor Bloomberg might not think we have a rat problem (even if East Village parents heartily disagree) but soon the whole country will learn a whole lot more about our massive rodent population. Starting next month Animal Planet will be airing a six-part reality series called Rat Busters NYC, about the Magic Exterminating company, which deals with pests across the five boroughs (and Long Island).

LI 'rat-busters' to star in new reality TV show

A new reality TV show scheduled to start in August, on the Animal Planet channel, will track the rodent-control activities of an extermination company that serves Nassau County and Queens, an online trade publication says. In a six-part series "Rat Busters NYC" will follow the day-to-day forays of Jimmy Tallman and Michael Morales, pest-control experts of Magic Exterminating,...

Animal Planet spins off “Whale Wars,” hires “Rat Busters”

In related news, Animal Planet has unveiled further details for Rat Busters NYC, a six-part reality series following employees at the New York City- and Long Island-based company Magic Exterminating.

Do You Smell a Rat? Animal Planet Sniffs Out a Slew of Them in "Rat Busters NYC"

(New York, NY) - This summer, Animal Planet is taking Manhattan - and its surrounding boroughs - on a mad scour of the city's most plaguing pest problems. In RAT BUSTERS NYC, New York's finest and most entertaining exterminators, Jimmy Tallman and Michael Morales of Magic Exterminating (a New York City and Long Island based company) invite cameras to see just what's 'rat'tling New Yorkers. These Brooklyn-born pest experts strip away the city's protective veil as they bring the reality of the army of vermin that are a part of The Big Apple's immense population to light - and they're everywhere - from warehouses and small businesses to apartments and single-family homes, from the Upper East Side to Tribeca and crawling all over Brooklyn and Queens!

Animal Planet's 'Rat Busters NYC' to Debut in August

Animal Planet has announced a new series about New York exterminators, Rat Busters NYC.

Set to premiere Friday, Aug. 26 at 10 p.m., the new series will follow service managers Jimmy Tallman and Michael Morales of Magic Exteriminating, who have a brother-like relationship as they tackle rat families bigger than their own and other city rodents.

Animal Planet migrates toward shows about people dealing with animals, like new 'Rat Busters'

A new show, "Rat Busters," starring Jimmy Tallman and Michael Morales of Magic Pest Control, is one of several new series that network officials will announce today before potential advertisers in Manhattan.


New York City is made up of more than 300 square miles and is populated by more than eight million people and so many rats it's impossible to count them. In RAT BUSTERS NYC (wt), New York's toughest exterminators Jimmy Tallman and Michael Morales of Magic Exterminating scour the corners of the city, responding to calls involving unwanted pests and unearthing the most traumatic cases of rat infestations in the Big Apple. Each hour-long episode follows Brooklyn-born fellas Jimmy and Michael as they comb through the boroughs and get down and dirty fighting the city's most notorious pests including rats, roaches, mice, bedbugs and other creepy crawlies. From the roughest streets of the Bronx to even the wealthiest parts of Manhattan, viewers witness Jimmy and Michael up close and personal with vermin and unwanted rodents. But it isn't all work for these New York natives - the series also showcases Jimmy and Michael's lives away from the rat race.

Animal Planet Picks Up 14 New Series and Specials

The network had its best audience delivery ever in 2010. And new series will continue to mine Animal Planet’s “Surprisingly Human” tagline, rolled out last year, by introducing viewers to the people behind the animals. Ned Bruha: Skunk Whisperer is about Tulsa, Oklahoma wildlife control expert Bruha, whom the network describes as “a cross between Ace Ventura and Crocodile Dundee.” Rat Busters NYC centers on Jimmy Tallman and Michael Morales, the proprietors of Magic Exterminating.