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Did you know some people never react to the Bed Bug bite?

Did you know Bed Bugs don't jump or fly?

Did you know we used to use feathers to remove Bed Bugs from crack and crevices?

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Bed Bug Monitoring with Verifi 24/7 Bed Bug Detection

Magic Introduces Environmentally Friendly Bed Bug Monitoring System

Magic Exterminating recommends the Verifi Bed Bug Detection system to detect bed bugs BEFORE they become a problem in your NYC business or residence. For a proactive approach in New York City bed bug management, Magic uses Verifi's unique detector.

Verifi™ is the world's first device to provide round-the-clock bed bug detection. Small, discreet and surprisingly affordable, Verifi™ utilizes an exclusive combination of replaceable attractants to continuously draw in and detect bed bugs for up to 90 days at a time.

Verifi™ is the cornerstone of a proactive bed bug management program that will bring both you and your guests' unparalleled peace of mind and security.

Why Verifi™

The Verifi™ bed bug detector offers the hospitality industry many advantages over traditional bed bug detection methods.

  • Continues to detect bed bugs for up to 90 days at a time
  • Features replaceable attractants for year-round bed bug detections
  • Fits discreetly on or behind headboards and other furnishings
  • Requires no batteries or any other power source
  • Operates silently and without odor, so it won't disturb guests
  • Eliminates possibility for false positives
  • Is extremely affordable to install and service
  • Allows for ongoing use in multiple rooms
  • Delivers proven performance backed by extensive testing
  • Demonstrates committed proactive bed bug management

How it Works

Because of its unique design and ongoing detection capabilities, the Verifi™ bed bug detector is far more than just a simple inspection tool. Like a smoke detector, Verifi™ remains in place for extended periods of time to keep you alert in several different ways.

1. Verifi™ establishes if bed bugs are present. In both occupied and unoccupied rooms, Verifi can successfully detect even low-level infestation in 1-7 days, enabling you to act fast before the bed bugs spread.

2. Verifi™ helps determine the success of bed bug treatments. Bed bugs are an extremely difficult pest to control, often requiring multiple professional treatments to achieve success. Using Verifi following treatment helps to ensure that is has been effective.

3. Verifi™ remains on the lookout for any new bed bugs. Ongoing use with Verifi demonstrates your commitment to proactively protecting your guests and helps you detect infestations early, making treatment more affordable and effective.

Magic Pest Management has been on the front line of the Bed Bug Epidemic since their resurgence. Magic's three (3) Entomologists have consulted with the brightest minds in our industry to develop our Bed Bug Protocol.