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Did You Know?

Did you know that 1 in 4 home had Bed Bugs in the 1920s?

Did you know Bed Bugs don't jump or fly?

Did you know that Aristophanes wrote about Bed bugs in his play, The Clouds?

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New York City Bed Bugs Exterminating

Interview with a New York City Bed Bugs Expert

1) How do I prevent bed bugs from getting into my apartment in the first place?

Bed bugs are expert "HITCH HIKERS" and are largely dependent on man to get from place to place like luggage, clothing, and furniture. It is possible to introduce bed bugs into an environment without being detected. You can imagine how bed bugs quickly move from place to place in a city like Manhattan.

2) What do bed bug bites look like?

The reaction from bed bug bites vary from person to person. Some individuals never have a reaction to a bite, while others may develop small welts at the site of the bite.

3) What treatment method has the best chance of removing all bed bugs?

Bed Bug treatments may vary from company to company - there is no specific treatment. Treatments vary from conventional residual Liquid and Dust solutions to Heat and Freezing. A detailed inspection by a professional is always the best course of action in developing a treatment method that will meet your bed bug exterminating needs.

4) How harmful are bed bugs, can they transfer diseases?

Bed bugs should not be considered as a medical or public health hazard. Bed bugs are not known to spread diseases.

5) How long will treatment take? Do I have to throw all my clothes/furniture out?

A treatment can take 2-3 service technicians anywhere from 4-6 hours depending on the level of infestation and size of the area to be treated. Clothing can be washed or run thru a Heat Cycle in your dryer that will effectively kill all life stages of bed bugs, furniture can be conventionally treated or heat treated.

6) Are the treatment methods toxic? Can I stay in my apartment during removal?

Depending on the treatment method developed for your particular home or business there may be materials used with a certain level of toxicity, labels for these materials will be provided before service is performed, and you may be required to vacate the property for several hours.

7) I've tried bed bug insecticide spray, but the bed bugs keep coming back - how come?

Most over the counter products are known as Contact Killers, they will affect the bed bug directly sprayed with the product but there are no residual properties that will last for future infestations.

8) What makes New York City a hot spot for bed bugs?

New York City has been known by many names, the "Cross roads of the world", "The Big Apple", "The City that never sleeps", "Gotham" - these are all names that have attract people from all over the world and all walks of life for years. With the ease of travel from one state to another from one continent to the other there's no surprise to our industry that Bed Bugs have also made a home in cities like New York across the country.