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Did You Know?

Did you know the term Bug is thought to derive from the old English word 'bogy' or 'hobgoblin'?

Did you know a few people may develop boils as a reaction to bed bug bites?

Did you know the Romans used Bed Bug as an antidote for snake bites?

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New York City Bed Bugs Exterminating

Bed Bug Educational Services

Today’s business world is a highly volatile environment. New legislation regarding the Bed Bug Epidemic and Restaurant Letter Grading has forced businesses into a panic. The cost of emergency services and the damage to public perception can be devastating to a business.

Ralph H. Meastre BCE on left lecturing for The New York Entomological Society at The Museum of Natural History

Dr. Louis Sorkin in attendance

Bobby Corrigan Ph.D. lecturing at Magic. Magic is committed to educating or staff and our clients.

Magic has presented our Bed Bug Eradication & Prevention Seminar to

  • New York City Agencies
  • The New York Entomological Society
  • Coop & Condo Board of Directors & Residents
  • Hospitals & Home Care Medical Provider Agencies
  • Commercial & Residential Property Managers and Owners
  • Colleges & Grade Schools
  • The Queens Chamber of Commerce
  • Restaurants & Dining Hall Operators
  • Museums
  • Business Owners
  • Broadway Playhouses

Other Educational Programs

  • Bed Bug Eradication & Prevention
  • Green Pest Control (Green Shield Certified Services)
  • LEED, HACCP, AIB, SQF Protocols & Practices
  • Rodent Control (NYC Rodent Control Academy Trained)
  • Integrated Pest Management
  • Food Processing

Magic has been assisting business for years. How? We believe our Management Team and Technicians are the most highly trained Pest Control Professionals in the country. Our Management Team has over 100 years of experience and includes three (3) Certified Entomologist authorized by The Department of Environmental Conservation to instruct Certification and Re-Certification Classes. Magic’s staff attends National and Local Entomological and Pest Control Association Conventions and sponsors lecture series from leaders in the industry gleaning the latest techniques, practices and products in our fight to eradicate pests.