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Did You Know?

Did you know Bed Bugs produce allergens like cockroaches which may cause bronchial asthma?

Did you know the term Bug is thought to derive from the old English word 'bogy' or 'hobgoblin'?

Did you know that it was thought to be a punishment from the gods to have Bed Bugs?

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New York City Bed Bugs Exterminating

Bed Bug Exterminating

Magic has been a leader of bedbug removal solutions in New York City, Queens, Bronx, Brooklyn, and Nassau County. We have learned what is effective and our overall strategies of inspection, preparation and treatment can eliminate bedbugs from even the worst infestations. Our Bed Bug Resource Center is dedicated to providing NY residents and businesses the most knowledge when it comes to bed bugs and bed bug treatment methods from our pest control experts.

Bed Bug Resources and Articles

Magic's Bed Bug Identification and Removal Process:


A bed bug inspection is the opportunity to begin the dialogue with the homeowner about the upcoming process. Our inspectors all have over a decade of experience in pest management and are kept up to date with monthly training seminars.  Magic uses dogs to help detect bed bugs - did you know they have a 95% detection rate?


Successful treatments begin with access and this can only be accomplished with preparation. Magic has developed a comprehensive preparation sheet for our customers; our goal at Magic is to form a partnership with our clients. We have learned from experience that an educated and prepared consumer will be a satisfied and bedbug free customer.


Magic has specially trained teams dedicated for bedbug work and always sends two technicians at the minimum. We come fully equipped to complete the treatment within one day and utilize vacuums and dry steam machines for every bedbug clean-up.