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Spring Time is Almost Here: Prevent Common Pest Issues


By Ralph H Maestre BCE

During spring time insects and rodents come to new life. Here at Magic Pest Management, we prepare our technicians to assist you in making sure your home or property is ready to prevent common pests from invading. Magic technicians inspect the exterior for voids, crack and crevices, and other openings around the structure. Where possible we will seal them, if we cannot, we will help you with instructions on want needs to be done. Magic personnel bridge the gap between commercial offices, warehouses, food establishments, restaurants, and private homes in the NYC boroughs of Manhattan, Brooklyn, Queens, the Bronx , as well as Nassau county.

Magic will inspect windows, doors, roof lines and gutters, gazebos, pool houses, play sets, retaining walls, garden beds, fence lines, fireplaces, sheds, etc. We look for pests such as carpenter bees which will be emerging from their nests at this time. Magic personnel also deal with the winter ants that trail into the home looking for sweets. Carpenter ants also emerge from their winter slumber to potentially damaging structures. Digger bees emerge on you lawn and fly all over the place. Termites start to swarm and try to find new homes to feed upon. Rodents such as mice and rats start their breeding cycle. Magic technicians are trained to either deal with an existing infestation or prevent one from happening. We provide weekly, bi-monthly, monthly, or seasonal services to match your pest control needs.

Magic personnel also assist each of our clients by recommending alterations to prevent re-occurrence of a pest infestation. Magic Pest Management have been helping our clients in reducing or living pest free for over 50 years. Request a Free On-Site Estimate today.