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Magic Exterminating Technician Training Fall 2018


Here at Magic Pest Management LLC, we take our training seriously. Recently, we had three great individuals invited to give seminars at our Magic Exterminating facility.

Dr. Bobby Corrigan refers to himself as a rodentologist, we here at Magic Exterminating consider him a friend and adviser. Dr. Corrigan's approach is, "Keep parks, building foundations, alleyways and streets (not to mention kitchens) clear of all dropped or discarded food scraps, and you'll put a serious dent in how many rat complaints you get. Daunting, perhaps, but doable". Dr. Corrigan has the talent and passion for teaching other about rats. He has a way of making his audience feel passionate about rodent control.

Dr. Matt Frye says Corrigan was pivotal to his own life. "Bobby inspired me to pursue pest management as a passion, not just a livelihood," Frye says. "I'm not alone. If you're in roomful of pest management pros when Bobby speaks, and you see light bulbs blinking on all over the place, you get a feel for the impact he has had - not just in New York, but around the world." Like the detective Sherlock Holmes, Dr. Corrigan approaches rat control using the latest science. Watching the shadows and corners, he finds how and why rats enter structures, apartments and businesses in New York City. "It just comes down to science." Now we learn that rodents can not only carry, but may end up spreading various diseases.

Dr. Jody Gangloff-Kaufman is an entomologist working in community (non-agricultural) integrated pest management (IPM) on the reduction of risks from pests and pest management. Her interests include the preservation and management of wasps and bees in structures and landscapes, bed bug (Cimex lectularius) outreach, and management, and the promotion of IPM in schools, public spaces, and the home environment. She also works with ticks, ants, cockroaches, and other household and landscape pests and pollinators. Her scope is statewide, regional and national. She taught us here at Magic Pest Management LLC the importance of IPM in schools and proper treatment methods of mosquitos.

Dr. Matt Frye, an urban entomologist with NYS IPM, he provides education and conducts research on pests that occur in and around buildings where people live, work, learn and play. The focus of Matt's program is to help people prevent issues with pests such as rodents, bed bugs, ticks, cockroaches, and indoor flies; or to provide management recommendations for existing problems. He came to Magic Exterminating to teach us about rodents, but also about Filth Flies.

From all three, we learned that first and foremost, pest control is about saving people's lives, property, companion animals, livestock, and our natural resources. We are on the front lines performing the necessary pest control work as professionals. If you are looking for a professional pest control company to handle your exterminating needs in New York City, Queens, Brooklyn, the Bronx, or Long Island, get a free quote request from Magic Exterminating.