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Ticks in New York City


By Ralph H Maestre BCE

There are four different types of ticks in our area of importance. Each our may carry one or more deadly or debilitating diseases. These are the:

  • Black Legged Tick which spreads Lyme Disease
  • American Dog Tick which spreads Rocky Mountain Spotted Fever
  • Brown Dog Tick which spreads Rocky Mountain Spotted Fever
  • Lone Star Tick which spreads the Red Meat Allergic Reaction

With the recent news of the Red Meat Allergic Reaction, I highly recommend you read following reference manual from the CDC.

Magic Pest Management LLC is here to help you prevent or lower the risk of tick borne incidents in and around your home with a tailored pest program, designed for Long Island, Queens, Brooklyn, the Bronx and NYC. Along with mosquitos, tick carry many different diseases which cause various illnesses or even death.

We at Magic are happy to assist you in first educating you and your family and providing the pest control services to prevent them. Click here for a free estimate.