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Spring Pests in NYC


Springtime is here and at Magic Pest Management we are ready to deal with any occasional invaders that might wander into your home. Magic is a full-service pest management company that services Long Island, Queens, Brooklyn, Manhattan and the Bronx. Magic is a family owned business since the 1960's.

The warm weather is fast approaching and so are some small unwanted guests. Ants can be found foraging around looking for food sources and shelter. Outside there is very little food and it may even be a little cold outside for pests to "stay outside" but we keep it cozy and warm inside so they feel invited. Other pests that come out in the early spring are carpenter bees. They can be rather large and scary insects that may quickly fly at you. These are the males that are protecting their nests fortunately for us they do not have stingers.

There are other pests that come out in the early spring as well such as termites. They generally come on a warm spring day. They are often confused with reproductive ants. If you see these pests and they are losing their wings it is generally going to be termites.

If you see these or any other pests please feel free to call Magic for a free pest evaluation.