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Rodent Control in the Near Future


by Ralph H Maestre BCE

What will pest control service be like in the next few years? Well when it comes to rodents and insects it is changing as we speak. New real time monitoring devices are coming into the market. These devices will allow Pest Control Technicians and their clients to know what is going on in their establishments and homes immediately in real time.

Let me describe what is going on.

Small electronic devices will be attached to:

  • Mechanical Rodent Control Devices like Ketch-Alls and Tin-Cats
  • Rodent Bait Stations
  • Glue Boards and Snap Traps
  • Pheromone Traps
  • Insect Light Traps
  • Nuisance Wild Life Traps

These devices will become part of an Integrated Pest Management action plan that consists of:

  • Monitoring
  • Alert
  • Respond
  • Report and Optimize

Monitoring will consist of placing the pest control devices attached to the electronic device in strategic locations within the structure where pests harbor, feed, drink, or near entry points. This will provide 24 hour, 7 days a week surveillance against pests.

Alerts will take place when the pest enters the trap and sets off the electronic device. This alert will be sent in real time to our office and possibly the client letting them know that the device has been triggered.

Respond. Magic will then respond by scheduling a visit to inspect the device.

Report and Optimize. Magic will then report its finding and optimize the service to stop the pest before it becomes a problem within the structure. Sometime the devices will be moved to new locations to zero in on the rest of the pests.

How do these devices work?

Many of these devices have touch and motion sensors built in. These trigger the system into sending via WiFi a message that the trigger has been set off. Each device will have its own ID number and geo-coded location within the structure. Magic will know which device was triggered.

These devices are designed to perform a system's check every day to let us know they are working. These devices work with an integrated software to produce comprehensive digital reports used with our Logbooks. Quality Control inspection visits along with these reports will produce an accurate assessment of the pest pressure or trends taking place at our client's facility. This will help determine how often regular pest control service visits are required.

The overall advantage of these devices is that they provide 24/7 monitoring of our client's homes, warehouse, food processing facilities, food establishments, commercial offices, and industrial plants throughout NYC and Nassau County.

So watch for it soon.