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Rodents and Winter


It is very cold outside - does that mean that rodents will come into your home or business? There are many reasons that rodents will enter a structure. One of them is weather and lack of food. Rodents do horde food, but when it turns cold and snow is on the ground rodents may come inside to look for a new food source. Keeping our homes and business warm is also going to draw rodents inside. At Magic Pest Management, we offer different control measures for rodents. We offer rodent exclusion work, we have repellents, traps and rodenticides as well. Magic offers a program where we can place a metal mesh underground to help prevent rodents from burrowing into soil around your home or business.

Not matter where you live you can get rodents inside. Rodents are not just a city problem. While they do live in New York, Queens, Brooklyn, and the Bronx, they are also commonly found on Long Island as well. Rodents can enter any type of building or structure commercial, residential, restaurants and industrial settings. Some very simple measure can be taken to prevent rodents from entering your buildings, including: keeping your garage doors closed and making sure that your screens and pipe chases are all sealed to help prevent pest entry. In addition, make sure your garbage cans are clean and the tops are kept on at all times.

Magic offers all different kind of rodent control programs with varying frequency's. Should you have a rodent issue call Magic for a free pest evaluation or request a free estimate.