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Winter is coming


Yes, winter may be a way off but are you getting ready for pests? If not you should be. While it is still warm it is much easier to get your home ready now than after it is cold outside. There are many simple things that can be done to your home to prevent pest entry.

At Magic Exterminating while we are providing our routine services we note and provide some pest exclusion work. When your garage door is closed can you see light coming in. If so it's time for a new seal at the bottom. Not only can this gap let pests in it can also let heat out in the colder months. Magic can deploy many different types of control measures in and around your home but stopping rodents and other pests by sealing your garage door is quick easy thing to do.

Do you have holes near your water hose, Gas lines, power or cable lines? If so these should be sealed as well to prevent various pest from getting inside. Bee's, wasps, ants and other pest commonly use these small holes as entry into home and commercial buildings. Magic can and will treat for these pest after the have established but being a little proactive will definitely go a long way.

Check your rain gutters. Do you see small trees growing out of them? Are the clogged up. If they stay that way it can cause damming of water and this can draw carpenter ants to your home to start nesting in this area. Damming can cause ice to build up near your roof and cause damage to your home as well. Many pests are attracted to water so this is a vital part of any good pest control program.

Magic provides all aspects of pest control service to New York City, Queens, Brooklyn, the Bronx Manhattan as well as to Western Long Island. Should you have any pest please give Magic a call for a free pest evaluation.