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Magic Mosquito Services For New York City and Long Island


Magic Pest Management offers green mosquito services for your home or business. The all natural materials that we apply do not last as long as traditional materials. These repellent green products only last about 14 days, because of this we strongly recommend two services per month for maximum efficacy.

Mosquitoes have a complex life cycle that includes the egg stage, several larval stages (or instars), a pupal stage, and an adult stage. All of the immature stages are aquatic, and adult females return to water to lay their eggs.

As we all know mosquitoes can fly. Female mosquitoes will fly a far distance for a meal. No pesticides can prevent a mosquito from flying over the materials that are applied to your property. So, mosquito programs must be a cooperative effort between you and your technician. Keeping standing water off your property will help keep the population down near your home. A great deal of water is not required for these little pests to breed in. A bottle cap is enough water for most to start a family in. You should clean out bird baths, toys in a yard, your gutters should not by clogged up with debris and anything else that can hold water must be emptied on a routine basis.

Magic offers this mosquito service in New York City, Queens, the Bronx, Brooklyn and on Long Island as well. Should you have any questions please feel free to contact us with any questions or set up a free estimate for services on your property.