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Pavement Ants - Treatment and Prevention Methods


By Anthony DeVito

Ants can be categorized as many different things depending on the perspective. If ants are out in a park living in a tree or in the grass they may be nothing more than entertainment for children. If they are in your kitchen, eating your food, you may look upon them as a pest. Here in New York, we have ants almost anyplace that you live, work, or play. You can be in New York City in Central Park, on Long Island, or any place between. Ants are very adaptive and can live almost anywhere that we do. Magic Pest Management LLC has different strategies and techniques to control these pests.


At Magic, the first step of all our control programs is Integrated Pest Management (IPM). Identification is the key. Control measures that may be applied and the areas that needs treatment will vary greatly depending the species of ants. Let's take pavement ants for example.

Magic has treated for pavement ants living in sky scrapers in Manhattan on balconies inside potted plants that may have been brought up into a building. Sometime these ants will climb up the side of the building and then enter the soil of the potted plants. We have treated for this pest around pools, sidewalks, in basements, kitchens, and bathrooms. No one is immune from these pests. You may live in Queens, Brooklyn, the Bronx, or Long Island.

Sometime getting an ant problem within your home out of nowhere raises questions. Did you recently have your landscaper add mulch to the outside of your home? This can be a reason for a sudden ant explosion in your home. A fast very heavy soaking rain can also drive pavement ants into your buildings as well.

Magic Pest Management treat pavement ants using various different methods. An exterior perimeter application with residuals using either traditional products or green products many control a population. We may also want to obtain control with an exterior baiting program. Baits can be applied in either granular, pucks or a liquid bait forms. If they are trailing from exterior to the interior of your home Magic Pest Management may be able to control them with exterior work only. Should the ant colony already establish itself inside we may need to make an interior application.

Magic offers multiple routine services that will detect these ants early prior to infesting your home. Early detection by diligently inspecting the exterior and some minor applications can stop a pavement ant colony before they become an interior problem.

Should you see any of these pests please call magic for a free pest evaluation.