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Green Pest Control


By Anthony DeVito ACE

People wonder what is green pest control is, who needs or wants it and what is it about?

Magic Pest Management offers Green Shield Certified Services to New York City, Manhattan, Queens, the Bronx, and Brooklyn. This certification is from a third party independent company. In order to qualify to be a Green Shield Certified company you have to go through an evaluation conducted by the IPM Institute of North America. Because Magic's approach addresses the underlying cause of pest problems, it is more effective than conventional spray-intensive services. Magic's Green Shield Certification was earned because we offered qualifying pest management programs to providers and to buildings, facilities, and programs where we meet the high standards set forth by the IPM Institute of North America.

No matter where you live a green pest control program can be utilized. You can live on Long Island, Brooklyn, Queens, The Bronx, or in New York City. A green program can be used from a private home, an apartment, industrial or commercial building. Magic Pest Management incorporates the green concepts into all of our Integrated Pest Management programs (IPM).

Green pest management is not all about applying green materials to your building. It's about detailed inspections and recommendations to clients to help prevent pests entering in the first place. It can be something very simple such as;

  • not pointing bright lights toward the structure to draw insects to your building, to changing the types of bulbs that you used.
  • It can be making sure that screens on your windows do not have holes in them.
  • Do you have an opening to the outside of your building allowing rodents into your home?
  • Is your garage door sealed?
  • Do you have a chimney cap? Etc.

During Magic's routine services, we report these and many other structural, sanitation, and environmental issues you many not even realize that you have. When was the last time that you looked up at your gutters? Do you have small trees growing out of them? Where do your gutters drain toward? Moisture is a primary need of most pests and will draw them to your home.

Magic will not only offer many of the service recommendations listed above we can offer you a free estimate to install door sweeps as well as rodent exclusion/proofing your home or business. Magic's IPM programs always try to solve pest problems without the over reliance of pesticides; green or otherwise. If a material must be applied to a client's location we always choose the least toxic material that will control the pest.

Magic even offers a green termite control program featuring the Sentricon Always Active Colony Elimination System. Our Certified Sentricon Specialists are qualified only after receiving specialized training to install and maintain a protective ring of Sentricon® stations around your home. For more than 20 years, the Sentricon System has provided real-world protection for more than 3 million homes. Thanks to its proven colony elimination power, Sentricon provides 24/7/365 peace of mind.

Green Shield Certified is operated by the IPM Institute of North America, Inc., an independent, non-profit organization based in Madison, Wisconsin. Modeled after the Institute's award-winning IPM STAR program for schools, Green Shield Certified is available to pest control companies and services, as well as facilities other than schools.

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