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Rodent problems on the rise - and what to do about it!


Recently, an article was published by the New York Times about rise of rodents in Paris. It can be seen here:

The rodent problem that is documented in Paris my not concern you; but it should. This type of situation can happen anywhere. The best Integrated Pest Management "IPM" program must reach a critical balance between protecting the environment and protecting the people and animals that live within it. It is true that rats serve as a vector of fleas that can carry things like the Bubonic Plague. One of the reasons that we no longer have issues like these in modern times, is that we do control the vermin that carry the plague. It is very important that we take into consideration all factors of pests when designing a control program.

Here at Magic we service New York City the largest city in the world and arguably the largest rat population to go along with it. When we design a rodent control program we take into consideration not only the pest, the size of the population we also study the areas that they are living in as well. If we are serving a structure, we will make recommendations to help build out the rodents. This is an essential part of a IMP program preventing any pest from entering a structure helps maintain control. Magic will inform clients of points of entry into a structure explain how to seal the entry points and may even offer to do the work for our clients.

At Magic, we do not rely on rodenticides alone. We will not only build out rodents but we can also make their environment hostile to them by eliminating food and water sources. We will also make recommendation to alter the environment cut brush so it is not too low to the ground to help remove cover for rodents to make a more uncomfortable environment for them. Elimination of brush from near a structure will also deter rodents from living in an area as well. Harborage is a key factor to where a rodent may want to live removing debris from an area keeping them free of items for them to live behind, inside and below will help keep an area rodent free.

We offer all different kinds of programs at Magic custom fit for each client needs. If you are having a problem, call us for a free pest evaluation and estimate. Magic offers service in Manhattan, Queens, the Bronx and Long Island.