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Animal Exclusion


With winter approaching, rodents, birds and pests are looking to make there way indoors for food and warmth. Effective exclusion is the first line of defense against pests, and an essential part of the Pest Control Program Magic Exterminating provides to New York City and Long Island residents.

During the inspection phase, Magic exterminators will determine what nuisance animals are causing your infestation problem, and how the animals are entering the structure. A few common entry points include:

  • Chimneys
  • Dryer vents
  • Poorly screened windows/doors
  • Gable vents

The structure of the building must be closely examined for small holes and entrances. In fact, any door/opening that you could slide a pen through has a gap sufficiently large enough to admin a fully-grown mouse or small rat.

If you are concerned about the exterior of your home in regards to animal exclusion, don't hesitate to contact Magic Exterminators to get a detailed inspection performed on the property.