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Winter is coming! What does that mean to us at Magic? Rats!


At Magic Pest Management it means it's time to remind everyone to get ready for rodent season. We strongly recommend that you keep your garage doors closed at all times. Inspect the exterior of your home to make sure that rodents did not try to "Gnaw" their way inside your home. Check the screens on crawlspace entry's, door sweeps, around your hose, gas lines etc... Do you have piles of firewood stored on the ground near your home? If so it's time to store it properly off the ground so rodents do not try to burrow below and begin to nest.

If you do not want to go through these steps and if you are a pest control client we are already doing this for you. So don't worry. If not contact us and we can provide you with a free estimate for these pests. How often should you perform an inspection for these pests? That is not an easy question to answer. At least a few times per year would be recommended with rodents constantly gnawing they could breach the perimeter of a structure in a relatively short period of time.

No one is immune to rodents trying to enter their structure you can live long Island in Nassau Country, Queens, Brooklyn, The Bronx or in Manhattan. They can enter into a private home, restaurant, commercial or industrial structure. Rats do not need to find a hole they can create their own. Rodents must constantly gnaw because their front incisors are always growing. A rodent within a structure can chew on wires potentially starting a fire, can spread fleas, and carry other vectors as well.

Early detection is the key; a good routine maintenance program inspecting the exterior of a structure can help eliminate a problem before they can get inside.