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Pest Proofing your Home and Business


Pest Proofing NYC

One of the best ways to limit unwanted invasions by insects, rodents, birds, squirrels, and other pests entering into your structure is by a procedure known as pest proofing. Many pests seek refuge in homes and other buildings in response to changes in weather, such as extended periods of rain or drought, or the onset of cooler temperatures in autumn. Taking steps to block their entry before they end up inside can greatly reduce the chances of pest entry.

1. One of the most common point of entries is below a garage door. The door itself may not have been installed properly or it might simply require some adjustment. If it is an older door it may have had damage occur that require repairs. It may not even be the door itself it could be the driveway that is in need of repairs. A rodent or pest may enter a home very easily below a door. The repair to these doors may be very simple or can be very complex. A rubber sweeps at the bottom of a door may suffice, simply applying concrete to space below the door might do it.

2. Another point of entry can be the space below a normal entry door. In general, a door sweep should help deter pests from entering your home. It might not only be the bottom of a door that requires repairs, but the sides may require work as well. Weather stripping can go a long way in helping prevent pests from entering your home.

3. When thinking about sealing up the exterior of your home doors are far from the only points of entry that we use. You have to think small, very small. There are many different places that pests can use, your cable lines, pipes around your water house, dryer vents, and your gas line as well. These are entry points that can be used by various pests such as; ants, spiders, crickets, bees and wasps can enter your home, just to name a few. It is much easier to seal them up than doors. A simple fix such as steel wool, copper mesh, caulk, silicon, or concrete can help prevent a problem before it starts.

4. Seal up all the spaces between old windows and doors when the caulk or wood has eroded away. This is not only a great location for moisture to enter your home, that same moisture is going to draw insects to that area.

5. Your fireplace or chimney should have a cap installed. Raccoons, birds, and squirrels can end up living in these areas if a cap is not installed.

6. Screens on both windows and doors should be patched or replaced. Keeping your screens in good repair helps prevent many pests like mosquitoes from entering your home. Another screen that should be kept in good repair are attic screens. Should these rot out or become damaged they can be used as a point of entry for stinging pest as well as a point of entry for wildlife.

Pest proofing is a vital part of any pest management program. We should not rely on applying pesticides alone. Keeping doors closed when not in use. Sealing up the bottom and sides, keeping screens in good repair all help keep your environment pest free. Magic Exterminating offers many of these services - contact us today for a free onsite estimate.