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The Sentricon System

Need to get rid of termites? Try using the proven Sentricon System method. This was designed to eliminate termite colonies and has proven its ability to do so worldwide.

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A Glimpse into Magic Exterminating


Magic Exterminating has been providing pest control services to Manhattan, Queens, Brooklyn, the Bronx, NYC and Nassau County in Long Island since 1960. Our experience includes all areas of exterminating - from private homes and residences, to all types of commercial businesses - restaurants, hotels, offices, and industrial warehouses.

We service all types of pest control issues, but some of our most common services include:

1) Bed Bug Exterminating - Magic Exterminating has been a leader in bedbug removal solutions across New York City, Queens, Brooklyn, the Bronx and Nassau County. From our Bed Bug Heat Chamber to our Dog Inspection method, we have a solution to get rid of bed bugs in your home or business.

2) Termite Pest Control - Magic uses Sentricon Always Active technology as a proven way to eliminate entire termite colonies, in a non-intrusive, environmentally responsible manner. The bait used when exterminating termites pose no hazard to groundwater, and Magic returns annually to monitor and protect against future invasion.

3) Mosquito Control - Summer in New York City and Long Island means Mosquitos. Magic Exterminating offers a scheduled treatment option for mosquitos using Botanical Products to help reduce populations of the insect around your home and business. With combined efforts to reduce mosquito breeding sites of standing water, this solution has great results.

4) Rodents - Mice and Rats are a big problem in NYC - whether in Brooklyn, Queens, the Bronx, Manhattan, or even Nassau County. Magic's Integrated Pest Management service includes exclusion work (blocking and sealing holes to keep rats out of your building), sanitation, and trapping (to remove rats/mice).

Of course, in addition to our pest control services, we regularly work to keep customers informed with the latest information and seasonal threats. Our website and articles are updated constantly to provide homeowners and business owners with the tools they need to combat invasive pests to ensure a safe environment.