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German Cockroaches


German cockroaches are one of the most common insects found in the world. They are found on all continents except Antarctica. They are very well adapted to living with humans. The require the same environments that we do. Surprisingly we have never discovered a population living in the wild without humans. They can be found in New York City, Manhattan, Queens, Brooklyn, the Bronx and Long Island.

German cockroaches are not limited to private homes. They can live and breed in commercial settings, restaurants, industrial buildings, ships, greenhouses, schools, manufacturing plants almost anyplace that people live. They have even been found breeding in nuclear power plants.

Integrated Pest Management techniques can be used to exclude and eliminate this pest. IPM - integrated pest management - is your choice for solid science, sound solutions in dealing with pests. We promote safe, least-toxic solutions to both pest and pesticide problems.

What can IPM do for me? IPM helps you deal with pests - insects, plant diseases, weeds, and more - with methods that help keep health and environmental risks as low as possible while saving you money.

  • Ancient Animals: Scientists have found cockroach fossils that date as far back as 300 million years, making cockroaches about 300 times older than humans.


Several pest species of cockroach can be found indoors, and many more non-pest species are found in nature. Both nymphs and adults of the German cockroach have two longitudinal stripes near the head.

Adults are approximately half an inch long and have a pale brown or straw color to their wings and body. Nymphs tend to have darker bodies and are wingless. German cockroaches are typically associated with moisture in bathrooms and kitchens. Female German cockroaches may be identified by the presence of an egg case, or ootheca, extruded from her abdomen.


There are many reasons the German cockroach is the number one cockroach pest:

  • German cockroaches have a very high reproductive rate and a rapid lifecycle.
  • German cockroaches might produce more than twice the number of off spring per egg case, and nymphs mature to reproductive adults faster.
  • At room temperature, one capsule is produced about every 6 weeks. Egg capsules are carried, protruding from the abdomen, until hatching time when they are deposited into crevices and other sheltered locations. Egg capsules can carry up to 48 eggs.
  • It usually takes 28 days for the capsule to hatch from the time it begins to form.
  • In addition, maternal care leads to a higher reproductive success rate. German cockroach females carry the ootheca (egg case) until one or two days before the eggs hatch. This trait will reduce the risk of predators locating and feeding upon the eggs.


That first step that Magic Pest Management takes when dealing with pest infestations is proper identification. You must know what specific pest or pests that you are dealing with. You must know what the breeding and living habits of the pests are and what is the best way to handle them.

When it comes to dealing with German cockroaches we try to not only determine the breeding locations we will make structural and sanitation recommendations to our clients as well. One of the keys to a successful management program is eliminating breeding and harborage areas as well as limiting available food and water to these pests.

Control can be done by using various methods:

  • Cracks and Crevices will can be sealed to prevent breeding areas.
  • Baiting with gels or solid baits in stations.
  • Insects growth regulators can be applied.
  • Residual dusts can be applied to cracks and crevices and voids.
  • Residuals can be applied to reduce populations.
  • Flushing agents can be used to drive pests from inaccessible breeding areas.
  • Monitoring devices can be installed to quickly harvest the pests as well as monitor for them as well.

The areas that a German roach can infest can vary greatly from a kitchen, storage rooms, restrooms, boiler rooms, and many other locations. All of these areas can be infested many different ways. The one thing that all of these areas do have in common is that they should all be thoroughly sanitized and call breeding and harborage areas should be eliminated. Baiting programs are most effective when the sanitation level is very good. This will remove the competition with the baits and make them more effective.