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DNA Testing for the presence of Bed Bugs and other Pests


By Ralph H Maestre BCE

For peace of mind or when you are not sure what is going on, DNA testing may be the answer. With today's cutting edge technology we can swab test your home, office, warehouse, and other environments for the presence of bed bugs, rodents, cockroaches, dermestid beetles, fleas, and various pest mites. Very specific criteria must first be met.

Magic performs DNA testing in NYC's four boroughs of Manhattan, Bronx, Brooklyn, and Queens as well as western Nassau County.

Before performing DNA testing ask yourself the following questions. First, have you ever had the pest present in the area you wish to test? If yes, then DNA testing is not for you. The testing is very sensitive and will pick up the presence of the pest even if it years old. Now if the answer is no and you have no visible signs of the pest, then this is a very good alternative. Second, if you don't want a canine or if there are multiple pests you wish to test for, then DNA testing is a very good alternative.

So we determined there is no visible pest, never had the pest before, and you want to know if you have them in you home, office, or environment. DNA testing works by calling us for an appointment to perform a sterile swab test. After we are done with the inspection and swabbing the area, we send them to an independent lab that has been performing DNA testing since 1992. The results come in generally within a couple of days. The results only tell if the pest is present or not, that is all. If it comes back negative, then you are clear of the pest and something else may going on in your environment. If it comes back positive, then we can give you a proposal to eliminate the infestation quickly before it get out of hand.

Magic Pest Management LLC has been performing DNA testing foe a couple of years. The most common client is someone moving into a new apartment and wants to make sure there is no presence of bed bugs. Landlords and property manager can take advantage of this, as an added value service for prospective tenants to assure them the apartment is free and clear of various pests. DNA testing is not only for bed bugs; we have performed it for the presence of rodents and carpet beetles.

What is the price for DNA testing? It is more than a visual inspection, yet far less than having a canine come in and sniff around. One thing it is, it is far more accurate than a visual and canine inspection.