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Fall Pest Problems in NYC Crickets & Rodents


Fall is upon us once again and with the cooler weather crickets, mice and rats will be seeking warm places. Your heated home or business is their most likely destination.

Mice and rats can transmit diseases to humans including:

  • Salmonella Food Poisoning
  • Rickettsial pox
  • Meningitis Lymphocytic choriomeningitis
  • Leptospirosis (Weil's Disease)
  • Rat-Bite Fever, Ray Fungus, and Ringworm
  • Dermatitis

There are three different types of crickets found in our area, the house, field and cave cricket:

  • The cave cricket is also known as the humpback cricket
  • Both the house and field cricket will chirp, but not the cave cricket
  • They reproduce outdoors during the summer months and indoors during the fall, winter, and spring
  • They can become quite numerous.
  • Crickets do stain and damage many items throughout the home.
  • Crickets are usually found in dark wet areas such as the garage, boiler room, closets, and basements
  • A good thorough perimeter treatment and exclusion work will help prevent crickets, mice, and rats from entering homes.

Rodents are three dimensional. They can climb trees, pipes, walls & wires and gnaw their way through wood easily. A mouse can fit through a hole the size of a dime and a rat can squeeze through a quarter size hole.

Prevention is imperative, having a good Pest Control Program in place is one of the components but there are many things you can do to stop Crickets, Mice & Rats from invading your home.

Homes overrun by trees & shrubs are susceptible to all type of pests. They provide a home and easy access for invading pests. Tree limbs need to be cut back nine (9) feet from the home. Shrubs need to be pruned back six (6) inches.

Properly installed Door Sweeps on all entrances including your garage stop pests and also will save you a few dollars on heating costs.

Cracks and holes around dryer vents and water spigots need to be sealed with cement.Dryer vents should have a flue that closes when not in use.

Windows should be caulked both inside and outside. Chimneys should be capped to prevent not only rodents but birds, squirrels & raccoons from entering the home.

Magic Exterminating can assist with these problems in Manhattan, the Bronx, Queens, Brooklyn, and Nassau County. Please contact us for a free, no obligation inspection.