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Bird Control in NYC


Magic Exterminating has a specialized team of exterminators to handle all bird control and bird problems in New York City, Manhattan, Queens, Brooklyn, the Bronx, and Long Island.

Our five step approach is successful in removing any bird problems in your NYC residence or business. This approach includes:

1) Inspection - Identify the number and species of birds involved, their daily activity, and problems caused by the birds.

2) Sanitation/Abatement - Remove dropping and/or dead bird removal, sanitize and clean affected areas

3) Exclusion and Habitat Alteration - With traps, nets, and wires, we can prevent birds from nesting and returning to affected areas in NYC.

4) Repellents - Where feasible, the usage of visual, audio, and odor repellents can be used to disperse pest birds from roosting environments.

5) Population Reduction - While toxic baits are not recommended or usually allowed, Magic can trap and remove bird with safe bird traps.

For more information about the birds most popular to New York City and Long Island, Magic has created a website specifically detailing how to identify birds and bird problems. Visit for an in-depth analysis about the bird issues New York City and surrounding areas can face.