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How to help Ant Bait work


One of the most common questions we get as Long Island exterminators (Nassau County and Queens) is how to use ant bait and traps. We've developed a list of ways to help ant bait work its magic and get rid of these pesky insects. Follow the guide below to get rid of ants in your Queens, NY or Long Island, NY residence or business.

  • Don't squash foraging ants or block their path to and from the Bait. We want them to be able to carry the Bait back to the colony.
  • Don't use other pesticide during the Baiting Process. Ants will avoid any surface where chemicals have been sprayed and doing this may actually cause the Ant Colony to divide into several smaller colonies
  • Clean up all food sources that the ants are feeding on. The ants will by more attracted to the bait by removing other competing food sources.
  • Don't move the Bait; it has been placed based on the Ant's feeding habit and the Technician's experience.
  • Stay away from Strong Cleaning products. Ants use pheromones (scent trail) to help other Ants find the Bait.
  • Baiting takes time. We don't want to kill just the ants you see. We want to eliminate them entirely by allowing them to take the Bait back to the colony.

If you are still running into issues with ants indoors, don't hesitate to call the professional exterminators at Magic to help resolve your ant problems. Click here for a FREE Estimate request. Our highly trained exterminating team services Queens, Long Island (Nassau) , Brooklyn, Manhattan (New York City), and the Bronx.