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Cold temperatures ahead bringing pests and insects inside.


Winter exterminator in NYC

With temperatures dropping and winter under way, insects and rodents are more commonly seen indoors in New York City residences and businesses. Magic's exterminators are experts when it comes to removing rats and other common pests.

Norway rats, one of the more common rodents found in NYC, are often found indoors in lower levels (crawl spaces, sewers, basements, etc.). These rats can cause significant structural damage and carry disease, so it is important to eradicate their presence immediately.

As with most exterminating services, Magic's first step when handling rodent problems is to locate and identify the problem area. Discovering how the rodents entered the NYC business or apartment is the most important step to preventing the problem from simply reoccurring.

Once located, the next step to exterminate rats is using our preferable green exterminating method with mechanical traps and lures. Some of our most popular green rodent control solutions for New York City residents include Detex blox, Terad3, glue traps (without pesticide), and mechanical traps.

For common insects found inside your home or business, a good integrated pest management program (IPM), is the best way to controlling them. This includes inspections, and regular cleaning practices such as; vacuuming, elevating items off the floor, keeping items away from the walls, keeping items in sealed containers, making sure to following (FIFO) First items In are the First items Out or used, possible dry cleaning of garments, use of monitoring or pheromone traps, and keeping a good monitoring records.

For more details on how Magic Exterminating can control and prevent rodents and insects from invading your residence and business in New York, NY, contact us today.