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How to Get Rid of Mosquitos


Mosquito Exterminator

Mosquitoes are best managed on an area basis by public agencies, sometimes specifically organized for that purpose, and usually under the control or guidance of governmental public health authorities. Several things can be done to reduce nearly any mosquito problem in New York City and Long Island. Some of the most practical and important ones include:

1) Source reduction, the combined efforts which eliminate or reduce larval breeding sites, usually through water removal or treatment by physical, biological, or chemical means, has the greatest local long-term impact on reducing any given mosquito population. Fewer female mosquitoes mean fewer bites, lower risk of disease transmission, and less of a nuisance problem.

2) An important part of an effective mosquito control program is elimination of all local breeding sites possible since most vector species usually fly less than 1 mile to take a blood meal. Empty all standing water at least once a week. Any standing water which cannot be changed or dumped should have unneeded vegetation or trash removed; mosquito-eating fish added; or be treated with an appropriate larvicide [e.g., a bacterial, insect growth regulator (IGR), mono-molecular film (MMF), or appropriately labeled chemical insecticide].

3) Screening windows, doors, and other openings with mesh, which is 18 x 18 strands per inch, or finer; sealing around all screen edges; and keeping doors and windows shut will prevent entry of most mosquito species.

4) Change Human Activities outdoors to avoid times and places, when and where, the main vector or pest mosquitoes are most active. Especially avoid exposure during dust or dawn when both day-active and night-active species may be biting.

5) Use repellent on exposed skin whenever you are in areas where mosquitoes are likely to bite. The most effective repellents currently available contain the active ingredient N,N-diethylbenzamide (DEET), in concentrations up to about 35% (greater concentrations give no better protection). Wear long-sleeved shirts and long-legged pants, preferably treated with a repellent as well.