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Techniques to Get Rid of Rodents in New York City


NYC Exterminator for Rats and Mice

Rats and mice are one of the most common pest problems Magic receives calls about in New York City and Long Island. These rodents are known to damage property and spread diseases. Below, we take a quick look at a few proven techniques that our pest management professionals use to eradicate rodent problems in and around homes and businesses.

BurrowRx - this device, used outdoors through tunnels and nesting areas, spreads carbon monoxide underground in a quick and humane manner.

Xcluder Mesh - this technique is used to exclude rodents by blocking common access areas to buildings. Using a steel wool polymer mix, it prevents rice and mats from burrowing into the ground or chewing under doorways to prevent future infestation

Mass Trappings - Common traps include glue traips, snap traps, and repeater traps to eliminate most of the rodents in an area before other methods (like rodenticide) are used.

Rodent Bait Stations - A useful method to secure rodenticide to prevent accidental poisonings to companion animals. The rodent bait is secured inside the station, and the station is secured in place.

As with all of our rodent exterminating techniques, we recommend hiring a pest control professional to inspect, diagnose and perform all exterminating services to ensure a successful outcome. Contact Magic today for a free onsite estimate.