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Tick Awareness Week - Tick Exterminating Q&A by Magic


NYC Exterminator for Ticks

It's Tick Awareness Week from May 10 - May 16. Ticks are a constant nuisance on Long Island, especially to hikers, pet lovers, and beach goers. Magic Exterminating gets frequent questions from customers about ticks, from what to do when you discover a tick and how to treat a tick issue. Below are some common questions and answers.

Q: I found that a tick on my dog how did he get it and what should I do?

A: Ticks can be picked up from many locations as simple as your backyard. They can also be picked up at a public location such as a park or hiking trail. A tick can be brought into you yard by various animals such as mice, deer, and racoons. We can also carry them inside ourselves.

Q: What can I do to prevent my dog or myself from getting ticks?

A: There are materials that are available that can be placed on the dog to prevent ticks, fleas, and other parasites. You may speak to your vet for specific products that are available. You can also use a repellant when you go outside to help prevent ticks from climbing on you. You can also protect your yard by keeping the grass cut short. Fence in the area to help keep wildlife out, since they can carry ticks. Make sure you remove leaf litter and overgrown vegetation; these can serve as breeding and living areas for ticks. Garbage cans should be kept sealed form

Q: What can you do for an active tick issue?

A: We can treat the interior of your home. We can apply various residual materials in the cracks and crevices that they tend to hide in. The yard itself can also be treated as well to eliminate any exterior ticks prior to getting into your yard.

If you think you have a tick issue, or have any concerns, don't hesitate to contact us for a free onsite estimate and advice. Magic Exterminating services New York City and Nassau County, Long Island, and handle all types of pest control, from nuisance insects like ticks and mosquitos, to problem causing rodents and birds.