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How often should I have pest control performed?


Pest Control Management in NYC and Long Island

For typical residential homes, Magic Exterminating provides seasonal pest control, with a program tailored to fit best to your home. This way the pest control operator can inspect and monitor your home to best determine how to control such pests as carpenter ants, carpenter bees, digger bees, and other spring insects. Monitoring for rodent activity by using Detex Monitoring Blox in tamper resistant rodent bait stations that are anchored around the home. Also, providing written reports pointing out any deficiencies that need correcting before a pest problem occurs. During the hot summer months, ants and stinging insect invade the outside perimeter and may get inside your home. In the fall crickets and rodents may be the concern. During the winter, finding the deficiencies that allowed the pest to enter may be pointed out while keeping rodents out.

For residential homes with greater pest pressures, Magic's monthly pest control services fit best. This is determined by the frequency any given or combination of pests occur within the home. Mice are a good example of this in that older homes or homes in a more populated area of the town or city, constantly provide a source of pressure to invade your home. Also, structural deficiencies affect the increase in required services in many cases.

For commercial or industrial establishments, Magic's monthly pest control program is the norm. Again, age or population density affects the frequency.

For food establishments or food processing, monthly is the minimal recommended rate. Some locations required the frequency to be weekly at least until any current infestation is eliminated. Extreme cases may call for daily or every other day service. This is best explained in the fact that inventory is constantly entering and existing the establishment and may bring pests into or out of the location. Quick action is needed to prevent product loss or contamination. Exclusion and monitoring services are extremely important in these locations to prevent product loss or contamination.

Please remember the increase in service visits does not mean pesticide applications are made on every visit. Monitoring and re-evaluation of the "plan of action" is what is taking place much of the time. This is the most important use of the pest control operator's experience to determine when is it appropriate to apply any pesticides.

In the NYC area, some establishments are closed down by the regulatory agency responsible to oversee the location. In these cases, two visits 24 hours apart is required with several documents attached with the work involved. Only a properly trained and certified technician can perform and document this work. Here at Magic we have a great team of individuals to assure our cliental that the correct work, by the correct technician, is done. Back in our office, our technical staff will packet the needed documents to expedite the re-opening of such establishment and pass the re-inspection by the regulatory agency.

Magic Exterminating follows the industries best practices as it tailors your pest control program to your needs. This includes changing the program and its frequency as pest problems change in and around your home, business, or warehouse. Contact us today for a free onsite estimate.