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How did I get Fleas in my home?


Flea exterminator in NYC

Fleas are a common small flightless insect that is an external parasite of mammals and birds. Their source of food is blood. Fleas have mouth parts that piece the skin and allows them to suck blood. They are flattened sideways and are usually dark brown in color. Fleas have very strong legs and jump which allow them to jump as much as 50 times their body length. Fleas have a complete life cycle, just like butterflies, starting with eggs that hatch into small worm-like larva, then they pupate and finally emerge into adult fleas.

One of the most common fleas located in New York City and Long Island attacks both dogs and cats, known as the cat flea, Ctenocephalides felis. This flea causes much discomfort to our pets and humans alike. They cause an itching sensation which in turn causes biting, pecking, or scratching. Flea bites are slightly raised, swollen, bumps from a single bite with a puncture point in the middle. It may lead to a type of dermatitis in the host species such as dogs and cats. It may remain itchy for several weeks and are often confused with bed bug bites.

Controlling fleas should be done by a Pest Control Professional. A prep sheet will guide you in preparing for the day the job gets done, but a general outline is as follows:

  • Any pets should have a scheduled appointment with a vet to be treated at the same time that a Pest Control Professional is servicing the home.
  • Every location the pet roams around in the house should be treated, especially the bedding. An adulticide along with an insect growth regulator should be used.
  • After the job is completed and any re-entry period has passed, you and your pet may return.
  • A good vacuuming program on a daily basis is required, with the bag being disposed of daily. This will also stimulate the eggs and the pupae to hatch. This needs to be done for two weeks, it helps remove any eggs, larvae, and pupae left behind.
  • Newly emerging adults may take place during this period, it doesn?t mean the job wasn?t done right, it is to be expected. A second service is usually done two weeks after the initial service.

Finally, in order to prevent future flea infestations in your New York City or Long Island home is behavioral modification. Where did the fleas come from? Was it a dog walk park? The back yard? A hike in the woods? Knowing how fleas got into your home is a key step in reducing the chance of a re-infestation. Avoid locations that you know are high risk, and treat your pets with flea-prevention medicine.

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