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Birds as Pests in New York City and Long Island


NYC Pigeon Control

Some birds pose a direct threat to human by way of transmitting diseases, contaminating our food, being a nuisance, and defacing of structures. In New York City and Long Island, the most popular nuisance birds are pigeons (rock doves), house sparrow, and European starlings.

Birds can harbor disease organisms that may affect people, pets, and domesticated animals. Some such diseases are Histoplasmosis a respiratory disease caused by inhaling spores from this fungus. The birds do not spread the disease directly, this is done when the spores are spread by the wind, and the disease is contracted by inhaling the spores. It is through bird droppings that the fungus grows. In the urban setting this it is potential dangerous in old dried bird droppings. Another disease is Ornithosis, a virus like organism and is usually can be a rapidly fatal disease associated with pigeons. Other diseases associated with birds are Salmonellosis, TGE (transmissible gastroenteritis), Cryptococcosis, encephalitis, Newcastle disease, aspergillosis, toxoplasmosis, pseudotuberculosis, avian tuberculosis, and coccidiosis.

Nuisance birds also carry ectoparasites that will enter into our homes - biting and annoying us. Examples include; lice, mites, bed bugs, bat bugs, louse flies, fleas, and ticks. Bird nests will also invite clothing moths and carpet beetles, which in turn will damage our clothing and other materials in our homes.

The main problem with birds; however, is their droppings - they will defecate anywhere. They deposit their manure indiscriminately on sidewalks, places where we sit, our statues, cars, and our buildings. Their dropping will stain and cause damage to our structure by rusting or corroding them. Large amounts of dropping may clog gutters. Some bird nest or roost on structure associated with food production facilities. They pose a direct contamination hazard to our food supply. There are laws that require facilities to prevent such nesting or roosting on these structures.

We have to co-exist with wildlife by finding way to control their interactions with humans, our companion animals, our food supply, and our structures. Prevention is a key proponent to this process.

The first step in controlling bird infestations is to survey the location. Determine the bird species and extent of the problem, then find out if there can legally be controlled. Once this is established, a plan can be created to remove and prevent future problems. Sanitation, such as dropping removal and disinfecting the area is very important. Exclusion or habitat modification is the next step involved to prevent further infestations. In the NYC area, exterminators are no longer permitted to use Avitrol (a product use to feed the bird a material that causes distress) to keep birds away from certain locations. Instead, Magic Exterminating uses netting, spikes, wires, charged wires, repellents (both sound and visual), water jets, and slides. Another method is trapping and physically removing the birds.

We here at Magic Exterminating are trained to use only those methods permitted in our area to exclude and prevent the bird from reinfesting. If you have problem with pigeons, sparrows, or any other nuisance bird, don't hesitate to contact us for a free quote request.