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Prepare for Summer with Magic's Mosquito Control Program


Magic Exterminating's mosquito treatments are made from natural green products, making them desirable for use around kids, pets, and adults.

Mosquito Control Treatment Options

  • Weekly Service with a warranty
  • Bi-weekly Service with a warranty
  • Monthly Service
  • Seasonal or Party Sprays

What's included in a Mosquito Service?

Magic Exterminating offers the mosquito program from May 1st through the end of October. Magic's technician will use Final Feed - a natural product containing sugar and garlic mix to treat resting areas around your property, primarly occuring around vegetation near the perimeter of the home.

Along with the treatment, Magic's technician will do an inspection of the property and make any additional recommendations to eliminate potential breeding areas.

The Party Spray service for events includes the same procedure but only a single application 24-48 hour prior to the event.

How Much Does It Cost for the Magic's Mosquito Program?

There are many factors that go into determining the cost of mosquito control program. Magic must first inspect the property and then determine the pricing based on the property size and frequency of service.

Contact Magic Exterminating today for a Mosquito Program Service and enjoy your Backyard!