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Carpenter Bee Control


Carpenter Bee Long Island and NYC Magic Exterminating has provided services for carpenter bee control since its inception in the 1960's. Carpenter bees cause lots of damage to the wooden members of your home - often damaging fascia boards along roof lines, and to deck railings and benches - therefore considered highly invasive pests around New York City and Long Island. Carpenter bees make a very precise hole in the wood and then excavates galleries to lay their eggs. The eggs are laid in small individual chambers with some pollen. Eliminating carpenter bees should be performed by a trained professional. Magic knows where to look for their nest and quickly eliminate them.

Magic Pest Management's Carpenter Bee Treatment Approach:

  • Carpenter Bees will guide the professional to their nest site by observing their flight patterns. When found, our service technician will treat the individual excavated holes with the appropriate insecticides that will kill any adults inside and will have a residue that will last up to 90 days.
  • Dust Application - A dust application is usually used, dust should be used in such a way that it is never exposed to humans or their companion animals. Dust should always be use only inside the nest. Dust will give you a long residual.
  • Aerosol Application - can be aimed from a distance or directly into the nest, but care should be taken to prevent staining a surface.
  • Liquid or Spraying Application - This method may provide less of a chance at staining, but may have to be repeated if a non-residual is applied.
  • Ladders - Magic have the personnel to reach those hard to reach areas such as soffits and fascia board or second story windows.
  • Foraging or pollinating - Carpenter Bees will be found on shrubs and plants when they are flowering. They are attracted to the nectar for food. May home owners see this and think there is a nest in the shrub or bushes, calling the pest control company in a panic. In most cases, the carpenter bees are just pollinating the flowers. Magic does NOT spray the plants to keep them away. The best thing to do is NOT to plant shrubs, bushes, or flowers along walkways or areas were you will sit or walk. So consult a landscaper where it would be best to position plants, shrubs, bushes, and flowers as to NOT attract carpenter bees.

Magic Exterminating services residential, commercial, industrial, food processing, and food establishment locations throughout New York City - the Bronx, Brooklyn, Manhattan, Queens, and Nassau County, Long Island. Magic has the experienced personnel to solve a carpenter bee infestation on your home, work place, etc. Contact Magic Exterminating for a free onsite estimate.