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New York City Rat Infestations on the Rise Amidst Lockdowns


National Geographic recently published an article (linked below) about rats now coming out of hiding in urban areas in a desperate search for food. With the closure of many food establishments and public places, rats are losing their primary sources of food - dumpsters and garbage cans. What do you think rats are going to do? They are going to look for new food sources, such as the garbage in and around your home. This means that areas near bird feeders, the garbage pails, and even inside your garages are prime targets for rat feeding locations.

With rats and mice known to carry an assortment of diseases, pest control professionals are fortunately considered essential workers during this pandemic, and are out in force ensuring that residents can live safely in their homes. Magic Exterminating continues to service all clients in the NYC and Long Island (Nassau County) areas, and adhere to the strict guidelines in place.

Full article from National Geographic:

Center for Disease Control website on rodents: