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Magic's Seasonal Pest Control Program


Magic Exterminating follows Integrated Pest Management (IPM) protocols. IPM involves a systematic approach to managing pests, by focusing on long-term prevention or suppression with minimal impact on human health, the environment, and non-target organisms. IPM incorporates all reasonable measures to prevent pest problems by properly identifying pests, monitoring population dynamics, and utilizing cultural, physical, biological, or chemical pest population control methods to reduce pests to acceptable levels.

Magic implements these guidelines in our Seasonal Pest Control Programs, available to all residents and businesses in New York City, Queens, Brooklyn, the Bronx, and Nassau County (Long Island). The recommended seasonal programs consist of four visit per year, but Magic does offer other Seasonal programs such as two or three annual visits. If additional visits are required because of a pest problem, they are done at no additional cost to the client. Our technicians are fully equipped with the tools and materials necessary to perform the job right.

The Season Pest Program Protocol:

  • Perform an Inspection / confirm the pest problem
  • Evaluate the best approach to solve the pest problem at the time,
  • Works with the client to achieve the best long-term solution to prevent future pest issues.
  • Implement a plan of action that may include some or all of the following;
    • Mechanical Methods
    • Biological Methods
    • Chemical Methods
  • Then Re-inspection and evaluate the results. If they don't work, then we create a new plan of action.

The client must remember that no pest control program however well designed and maintained will produce lasting results without sanitation and structural integrity of the structure. Its integrity must be maintained at the highest possible level. Meticulous sanitation and building maintenance are the first and most important tools in pest control. If pest find entrance into the building and/or readily available food and harborage, the application of pesticides can be of only limited value. During the service visit, the service technician will notify the customer of conditions at the site which adversely affect the success of the pest control program and make specific recommendations for their correction.

To find out more about our seasonal pest program, or for a free onsite estimate, contact us today.