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Pest Control Treatment Approach for Ants in New York City


Magic Pest Management has established exterminating systems to eliminate and prevent ants from entering and infesting your home or business. Each treatment approach has their own benefits, which we've listed below.

Baiting Program - Used in most situations to start, Magic's baiting applicator approach applies bait in cracks/crevices around kitchen cabinets, sinks, and draws, as well as under kitchen appliances, where accessible. In addition, as needed, the bait can be similarly applied in bathrooms and other rooms showing sign of infestation. Granular baits may be used along the outside perimeter to help reduce the colony size before it becomes a problem indoors. Magic Pest Management will also try to help you identify structural deficiencies before ant enter into you home. Some of these deficiencies may include cracks and crevices around windows and doors. Magic sometimes identifies signs of leaks or water sources which will need to be corrected before ants find them.

Compressed Air Sprayers - a useful tool for cracks and crevices, spot treatments, and as a general flushing agent.

Actisol Machine - a piece of equipment used to flush out ant nets from inside wall voids.

Dust Application - dust is used in a way that it is never exposed to humans or pets, and always only in cracks and crevices around wall voids, doors, and windows.

One or more of these techniques may be used during the ant treatment. Magic Pest Management provides these services in office environments, food processing locations, food establishments, apartment buildings, and residential homes throughout Manhattan, the Bronx, Brooklyn, Queens, and Nassau County. Magic Pest Management technicians receive continual training throughout the year to maintain the professional edge and updating them on the latest changes in the industry. This professionalism separates Magic from rest of the other pest control companies in the area.

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