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Bed Bugs: Protocols and Preparation


By Ralph H Maestre BCE

Bed Bug Protcols in NYC Bed bugs are now an epidemic across the United States. Bed bugs are found in homes, apartments, hotels, dormitories, buses, trains, movie theaters, etc. - especially in New York City, Queens, Brooklyn, the Bronx, and Long Island. They are the true vampires on this Earth. These insects are considered ectoparasite, which means that they need to feed on blood to complete their life cycles, but bed bugs don't live on the host. The host is usually us, the humans, but may also be our companion animals such as dogs, cats, small rodents, etc.

We need to be properly prepared for each bedbug job we perform. The customer must also follow exact preparation instruction and sign off on them.

The Customer should prepare the room in the following manner:

  1. The following items should be laundered, or placed at high heat for 10 minutes in a dryer and then kept in plastic bags.
    • All bed sheets or linens and place in plastic bags. The customer must place them in a dryer for at least 10 minutes at high heat.
    • The dresser draws, nightstands, and closets must remain empty after items are removed so a proper inspection and treatment may be performed.
    • The headboards, picture frames, or any items attached to the walls must be removed and placed on the floor for inspection and treatment.
    • Curtains should be removed and place them in a dryer for at least 10 minutes at high heat.
    • These items should be dry cleaned or laundered in hot water and dried using the "hot" setting for no less than 10 minutes.
  2. There must be access to all walls and surfaces of furniture for inspection and service.
  3. Plastic bags must be provided by the customer, for Magic Pest Management LLC, to use, after treated items in the room.
  4. After treatment all beds must have a zipper bed cover placed on them to prevent any new infestations.
  5. The room must remain unoccupied for a minimum of four hours after treatment.
  6. Keep all items in plastic bags or plastic bins for two weeks. This way you, the client doesn't have to prep again.
  7. Mattresses should have encasements
    • MATTRESS AND BOX SPRING ENCASEMENTS. Box springs and mattresses are especially difficult to address due to the complex construction which makes it virtually impossible to eliminate 100% of bugs and eggs inside. On return visits, any new bug activity is restricted to the exterior of the encasement, where they can be easily eliminated. We strongly recommend mattress and box spring encasements as part of your program.

    Bed Bug Initial Services

    On the bed bug initial service, two technicians are assigned to the job. Each tech has an individual role and responsibility to perform. They will use a check list for this purpose.

    Working as a team, both technicians will check and balance to make sure the job is completed during the initial service. Magic's success rate is over 90%. This is due to our training and strict protocol. We at Magic strive to maintain the highest quality of work in this industry.

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