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Pest Highlight: Pavement Ant


The pavement ant, is one of the most commonly encountered ants in the United States. The first introduction into the United States occurred from Europe in the beginning of the 19th century. Here in New York it is very common to see these nuisance ants. Here at Magic we can help you control these pests with our New York State certified applicators Pest Management Professional's. Simply call Magic for a free home pest inspection if you see these ants in or around your home.


Pavement ant workers range in color from dark brown to nearly black. Workers are smaller than other castes and reach sizes of around 3mm. They are characterized by a head and thorax sculptured with longitudinal, parallel or concentric fine ridges pits with unique raised rims surrounding antennal insertions, 12-segmented antennae with three-segment club, a single pair of propodeal spines, and a two segmented "waist".


Pavement ants form large colonies, often containing over 10,000 workers. As with most ants, there are distinct castes: one or a few reproductive queens, and a large number of non-reproductive female workers. In early summer, winged reproductive females and males are produced. Workers recruit nestmates to a discovered food source through the use of pheromones. This allows for large groups of workers to process bulky food items and bring them back to the colony. Direct homing has been documented in worker ants returning to the colony with food.


Colonies of pavement ants can be found in several soil types ranging from sand to loam. Pavement ants prefer to nest in areas with minimal vegetation. Pavement ants tend to thrives in human-modified environments. In surveys of urban environments where pavement ants are found, they generally account for most ants found at baits and around residences. These ants are also very resilient, being one of only a few species of ants found to recolonize an area after intensive human development, such as construction projects.

Pavement ants are often considered invaders of homes because sidewalks, walkways, and patios make ideal habitat for these animals. However, it remains unclear whether these ants can infest homes with damaging consequences or whether inquisitive workers just become aesthetic pests when they make it into residences or are abundant on a patio.

Help Magic Help yourself from ants.

Pavement ant workers can be nuisance pests when they enter homes and recruit colony members to accessible human food products or remnants. The best way to prevent ants from entering homes is to locate and block potential entryways and to keep homes clean with food secured.

Should you see ants running around your home or yard call Magic for a free estimate to control this ant. Magic has been controlling these ants for over 50 years to New York City, Manhattan, Queens, Brooklyn, the Bronx, and Long Island (Nassau County).